How Bryn Mawr Village found its Main Line shopping niche

Metro Commercial’s Jim Savard talks to The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Suzette Parmley about the lifestyling trend at Bryn Mawr Village:

A trend for many years, “lifestyling” picked up momentum post-recession “to fill vacant space” at malls by offering “the right type of experience for the customer,” said Jim Savard, executive vice president of leasing at Metro Commercial.

Metro was brought in to advise Blank Aschkenasy with a leasing and merchandising strategy.

Savard said shoppers should expect more redevelopments to incorporate the lifestyle look and design.

“It’s really out of necessity because of changing consumer habits,” he said. “You have to hit both ends. You have millennials on one end, and the boomers on the other, and they all like to eat and are looking for entertainment.”

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