Millennials on the Move

Between 2010 and 2015 Millennials began moving to urban areas across America, but not the ones that you may immediately think of. While New York City will always remain a city populated by people of all ages, especially young professionals, it only saw a 2.5% increase of 25-to-34-year-olds relocating within its city limits.

So where exactly are these young people moving to?

Virginia Beach, VA; Richmond, VA; and Riverside, CA saw the biggest Millennial increase between 2010 and 2015 with an increase of 16.4%, 14.9%, and 11.7%, respectively. These cities are vibrant and full of life, but do not immediately jump to many people’s minds when they are considering an urban move.

So why are young people flocking to these areas?

  1. Public Transportation

From professional life to personal life, people need an affordable and quick way to get around their area. With problems plaguing some forms of public transit it is essential that urban areas fund their transportation options if they want more young people to relocate there.

  1. New Restaurants

There is no denying that Millennials love their food and love sharing their love for their food on social media. Without options to dine or to try new cuisines a city can feel limited and bland. The reality of busy schedules combined with a desire to appreciate food has also led to an increase in fast casual dining trends. Urban areas that give its residents multiple cuisine options in a timely manner will win over the hearts and stomachs of Millennials.

  1. Developing City Centers

Millennials are not glued to their laptops and screens every waking moment and also want to physically enjoy shops, gaming centers, and restaurants. With urban areas developing new city centers out of their old infrastructures they are revitalizing their cities. These new areas are attractive to millennials and often draw in younger crowds.

Millennials are flocking to certain urban areas more than others based on what they will be getting out of the move. The ease of the transition and the options their new city provides greatly increases the chance of a young person deciding to uproot themselves.

The Philadelphia area remains consistent in the middle of the pack, ranking #11 and coming in with a 6.2% increase of 25-to-34-year-olds. In January, Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney, announced the re-formation of the Millennial Advisory Committee, a group with a goal of improving city life for millennials.

Look at this TIME article of the top 25 cities where Millennials are moving to and see if your city makes the list.

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